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Show or Hide answer Cartridge vs. Dirt
If the screen is cleaned by rolling, does dirt remain inside the cartridge?

No. The cartridge does not accumulate dirt. This is because the sheets are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which has excellent chemical properties and nothing sticks to it, not even soup. Besides, the two draught excluders at the entrance prevent the possible remains to enter. Furthermore, in the plastic lid that exists at each end of the cartridge there are holes that make easier to expel little water or moisture that could accumulate. In addition, the cartridge is open from top to bottom throughout its entire length, so it has air recirculation. Lastly, if, exceptionally, a cartridge accumulated dirt after many years, it would not be necessary to change the entire screen, but only the cartridge.

Show or Hide answer Closing the screen
Is the closing mechanism the same inside and outside? Could I be locked inside the shower or bathtub?

The closing mechanism is a single piece U-shaped, vertically and horizontally symmetrical, that works simultaneously on both sides of the screen. If you raise or lower this piece on one side of the screen, you’ll be raising and lowering it on the other side as well, as it is a single piece.

There is, therefore, no possibility of being locked in: you can always open the door from the inside.

Show or Hide answer Adjust to irregular walls
Do the screens adapt to walls with irregularities?

The built-in adhesives on the vertical profiles of our screens frames have a foam rubber 3 mm high, able to adapt to the irregularities of a wall built according to current standards.

Show or Hide answer Outer sealing
Is it necessary to seal the exterior face of the screens?

In rolling screens installed in extra-flat shower trays it is advisable to seal with silicone between the lower guide and the shower tray.

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