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Shower screens performance

Declaration of performance-Roll System rollaway screens for showers

Declaration of performance no. DR150

  • Unique identification code of the product-type: DR150
  • Intended use: Shower screen
  • Manufacturer: FEITAO ROLL SYSTEM / Calle Cerámica, nave 21. 08292 Polígono Magarola Sur. Esparraguera (Barcelona, España)
  • Assessment and verification of constancy of performance system: 4
  • Harmonized standard: UNE EN 14428:2005+A1:2008


Declared performances:

Essential characteristics Norma de ensayo Prestaciones
Cleaning competence EN 14428 PASS
Fracture toughness / impact resistance EN 14428 PASS
Plastic materials EN 14428 PASS
Corrosion resistance EN 14428
EN ISO 2409
ISO 7599
Resistance to chemicals and staining EN 14428 PASS
Resistance to wetting and drying cycles EN 14428 NPD
Endurance (20.000 opening and closing cycles) EN 14428 PASS
Stability EN 14428
ISO 7892
Water-tightness EN 14428 PASS

The performance of the product identified above is in conformity with the declared performance.

This declaration of performance is issued in accordance with the regulation (UE) No. 305/2011 under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer or importer identified above.

* PASS = Test approved

* NPD = Not applicable