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How to register in our online shop

Follow this steps:

  1. Enter our online shop.
  2. Click on Sign in link (top right).
  3. Click on No account? Create one here.
  4. Sign up registration form:
    • We recommend you use a secure password.
    • If you want to receive valid invoices for your purchases, enter your NIF.
  5. Click on SAVE.

Once completed these steps, your account will have been created and you will be automatically logged in (you’ll see your full name top right).

  • Now you can enjoy the benefits that come with your registration:Make easier purchases.
  • Check out your orders status.
  • See previous orders.
  • Change your account information.
  • Change your password.
  • Store alternative addresses (to send your orders to different branch offices of your company, relatives...).
  • Etc.


Professionals in the sector

If you want to benefit from the discounts reserved for professionals in our sector, read the page Discounts for professionals.